The Myriad Of Sporting Facilities Constructed In Bhutan To Promote Healthy Living


The government in its 11th FYP report stated that it undertook the development of various infrastructure and institutions to promote sports and recreation for healthy living.

Girls playing cricket in Bhutan. (Source: Facebook/Cricketbhutan)


By Nima | Kuensel

One of the many pledges of the Bhutanese government was to develop sports infrastructure, organise sports events, and establish sports and recreation clubs across the country.

The government in its 11th FYP report stated that it undertook the development of various infrastructure and institutions to promote sports and recreation for healthy living.

The sports facilities which have been constructed so far

“In promoting healthy living, open air gyms were installed in all 20 Dzongkhags. Similarly, four multi-sports halls (MPH) were constructed in Punakha, Phuentsholing, Samdrupjongkhar and Bumthang. In addition, two biking trails were developed in Punakha and Bumthang,” the report states.


Source: DrukAsia 

Multi-sports hall in Samdrupjongkhar, Phuentsholing, and Punakha were completed in 2017. However, the multi-sports hall in Bumthang that began construction in 2016 will only be completed by early 2019.

Bhutan Olympic Committee’s head of Infra, Kinley Tshering said that the project duration was extended by a year.

“The foundation of the sports complex had to be redesigned. The sports hall will be completed by February next year.”

Astro-turfs built to promote professionalism in football and other sports

The public ground adjacent to the MPH will also have an astro-turf, making it one of the six astro-turfs laid out by the government in its tenure to promote professionalism in football and other sports.

The project engineer, Ugyen Tshering said that the work to construct the MPH could not begin on time owing to some geological problems at the construction sites.

“The area was marshy with high water seepage. The dzongkhag wanted the soil to be tested but it failed the test. The initial design was for footing design, which later had to be changed to a raft or mat foundation design to fit the geological stability of the area.”

The Chamkhar public ground in Bumthang will also be laid with astro-turfs along with the MPH.

The government in its tenure has laid astro turfs in Kanglung, Trashigang, Samdrupjongkhar, Phuentsholing, Gyelposhing, and Tsirang.

The government has also pledged to establish a national sports academy. As pledged by the government, the Department of Youth and Sports as the agency responsible for the promotion and implementation of sporting activities in schools initiated several sports programme.

Getting more women to participate in sports such as football

The government in its tenure saw the Bhutan Football Federation establish the women’s super league to help women play high-level football competition. The league currently has eight clubs in Thimphu.


Source: Kuensel Online 

However, none of these recreational and sports club in the country is supported by funds from the government. There are about 12 private clubs in the country, of which eight clubs are based in Thimphu.

The 11 FYP report states that several sporting committees and international partnerships were also established to promote and strengthen sporting activities in the country.

“Support was also provided for the participation of Bhutanese athletes in international events.”


This article first appeared in Kuensel and has been edited for the Bhutan Times.


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