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Govt. to Waive Royalty for Tourists Visiting Eastern Bhutan

“Tourists visiting eastern dzongkhags need not pay the daily fee of USD 65 once the proposal comes...

Nov 15, 2017 07:18

Professionalising Bhutanese Tour Guides

When tourists arrive in Bhutan, the first thing they see is not the pristine mountains or the serene...

Nov 11, 2017 12:24

Pray to Conceive at the Chimi Lhakhang

For couples who longed to have children, miracles were said to have happened after they have...

Nov 08, 2017 08:44

The Black-Necked Crane Festival

The arrival of the black-neck cranes signals the coming of winter and plays an integral role in the...

Nov 01, 2017 13:54

His Holiness Je Khenpo Consecrates the Ngyoendro Tshokzhi Thongdrel

Thousands of devotees gathered to receive blessings from the 47 feet tall Thongdrel. With Dorji...

Oct 31, 2017 05:48

Rap ​Gaining Popularity Among Bhutanese Youth

“With the help of rap, I could channel all my thoughts and feelings. I can say that rap can also be...

Oct 23, 2017 15:05

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